About Ed's Raspberry Pi [How-to]s

The selections to the left are a compilation of my efforts to document my experiences with the Raspberry Pi single board computer and place the documentation in one place for ease of access. Much of the information contained within the [How-to]s are the contributions of others and edited by myself. Numerous hours were spent researching the topics I encountered while playing with my Raspberry Pi. Becomming frustrated at the continuous Internet searches for information on repetitive tasks I decided to just document, mostly for my own use, procedures for performing these various system tasks.

I have also included some useful background information on the both the I2C and SPI buses as well as Gordon Henderson's WiringPi API library.

Additionally, I have included the information I have collected about some of the Raspberry Pi hardware expansion modules I have acquired.

Finally, I also present some basic electronics topics and useful skills I have acquired over my 35+ years as an Electronics Engineer & Computer Scientist. Enjoy...

Last modified:
10 August 2013
By: E.P. Mueller