Planning a real vacation or just looking for a mental trip?

Great Smokey Mountain Railroad is a lot of fun. The beach is a good idea no matter the weather. Check out our personal photos below.

As you travel this interesting planet, remember to stop and smell the local flowers.

They may be extinct the next time you return.

Have a safe trip.

The State of Virginia:

The Virginia is for Lovers logo takes you to a web site with lots of things to do and see around the state.
For status of highways in Virginia, go to the
Virginia Dept. of Transportation.
Richmond, Virginia
This link takes you to official
Commonwealth of Virginia web pages.
City of Hampton
Established in 1610
Hampton waterfront
Virginia Air & Space Center
Hampton Roads History Center The official visitor center for NASA Langley Research Center in downtown Hampton.
VASC HomePage
Air Space Center
September 2000, Hampton Bay Days
Colonial Williamsburg
Take a 'cybertour' through the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg.
Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia
If you plan to Visit Williamsburg VA , you will want to check this web site for lists of places to eat, sleep and visit.

This link will take you to the City of Williamsburg
Visit Williamsburg VA
The Mariner's Museum
Located in Newport News, the Mariner's Museum is one of the world's great collections of maritime artifacts.
Mariner's Museum
The City of Virginia Beach

The State of North Carolina:

Outer Banks, NC
Sunrise from Kitty Hawk, February 2000
State of North Carolinia
A very nice place to visit.

North Carolinia Dept.of Transportation
A great source of data for visiting the state.
Shay 1702
Consolidation #1702, Great Smokey Mountains Railroad, July 2000
Wood club car
Great Smokey Mountains Railroad
Located in the hills of North Carolina, on the edge of the
Smokey Mountains National Park
A slow meandering trip through the countryside.
Stainless Steel Club Car
The Club Cars
were beautifully restored and furnished.

The State of Alabama:

Take this link for information about the State.
Montgomery, AL
Gulf Shores and Orange Beach
For more information about the area try this Gulf Shores-Orange Beach Web page.
Gulf Shores
Gulf State Park
This photo was taken at Gulf State Park.
Take this link for more information about
Alabama State Parks
Gulf of Mexico sunrise, 1999
Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico in July of 1999.

Hurricane Warning Flags
Before leaving for your trip, check The WEATHER etc.

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