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The Weather, etc.
page has links to interactive marine 'buoys', current weather reports from a varity of web sites and tide charts at the U. South Carolina.
Last modified January 2012
Outer Banks, NC
Vacations !!
Need a vacation? Just looking for something to do this weekend? Just click on the 'cloudless Outer Banks sunrise'.
Last update: 03 May 2004
Bodie Lighthouse
the Lighthouse page
A page of dedicated to Outer Banks Lighthouses.
Last update: January 2003
The Jet Aircraft Photo Gallery.
The 'Blackbird' has always been a favorite of mine. Click on the B-1 dropping Mk-82s for more photos of the SR-71, B-1 and B-2.
Last update: January 2012
'F' Bodies, Page 1 and 'F' Bodies, Page 2
If you are into jets with the letter 'F' in their number designation check the above pages

Last update: January 2012
By special request a page dedicated to the C-130.
Links to Hurlburt Field, and other "Hercules" related web pages.
Be sure to check the page of Hercules with flare!

Last update: January 2012
Personal Page
The Peace Rose will take you to a page, with my 'two-cents worth' about current events and a few personal photos.

Last update: January 2012

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