Contained on these pages are pictures of the SR-71, B-2, and B-1B jet aircraft. One thing I have learned over the last few years, if you see a picture you like, you better save it. As it is with mergers and contracts, Web sites come and go like the wind...

SR-71 and KC-10
SR-71 'Blackbird'

Select this link to a page full of Blackbirds and sunrises.

Or select one of these below for larger versions.

A-12 1960
SR-71 January 1997
SR-71B 1997
SR-71 Take-off
SR-71 1992
SR-71 Landing
SR-71 1990

B-1B fron Ellsworth AFB
B-1B from Ellsworth AFB in middle east as part of Operation Desert Fox

B-1B 'Lancer'
Select the picture of the B1 afterburners for more photos. For a closeup look at the underside of this magnificent jet select this huge black and white photo.
B-1B at sunset
Check out this cool military web site, the B-1B 'Lancer' Systems Program Office Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. They have the neatest
B-1B animated gif.
'At 10:30 a.m., December 23rd 1974, the B-1 lifted off for the first time...'
B-1 The Original
B-2 'Spirit'
If you enjoy viewing these photos, then check out Edwards AFB, that is where I found this lovely sunset picture of the B-2 at rest.
Whiteman AFB is a great source for B-2 information.
B-2 in Hanger

B-2A Nuclear bomb test over Alaska...
B-2A and Nuclear bomb
... good thing it is a "dummy" bomb.

The 'F' Bodies!
More Jet Aircraft Photos...

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