What began as a search of the Internet for pictures of the 'Spectre' Gunship, resulted in a collection of some of the many permutations applied to this airborne workhorse.
There is a page showing 2 medium sized photos of the original AC-130A modified at Wright-Patterson AFB and now on display at the U.S. Air Force Museum. Check out this pair of C-130s during Desert Storm. The National Center for Atmospheric Research uses an EC-130Q.

C-130 Taking off.
C-130 'Hercules'
40th Airlift Squadrons, Dyess AFB, Texas

'Spectre' Gunship

...spreading flares during a training mission.
Take this link for a page FULL of C-130s that do it with...
AC-130H with flare
20mm gun in action. They have also been known to carry 40mm Bofors cannon, 25mm GE Gatling guns and 105mm cannon.

Spectre Gunner's Home Page
C-130 20mm Gun
Hercules in the night
AC-130H Side View

MC-130E Combat Talon I

above and below

MC-130E dropping flares


MC-130H Combat Talon II

16th Special Ops
'Any Time, Any Place', the 16th Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
HC-130 'Combat Shadow'

There is a home page for the Air Commando Association in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
The RAAF's C-130J 'Herc in the dirt'.
Click on the photo for the larger version.
For information about the England's RAF's C-130 applications, the UK RAF Flying Stations Page provides a list of aircraft the RAF currently operates.
C-130 Cockpit
Click on the cut-out to view a nice photo of the flight deck configuration for Belgium's fleet of C-130 Hercules.
Everything you ever wanted to know about military equipment.
Jane's Information Group Home Page
Free and paid information access.

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